About us


The Thai-German Institute

The Thai-German Institute is a joint initiative of the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand and the Government of the Federal Republic of German, the aim was to be an effective training center for transferring advanced manufacturing technology to Thai industry. It was set up as an autonomous body outside the formal education system with it's operation under the supervision of the Foundation for Industrial Development and a broad oversight by the Ministry of Industry.

​After the Thai Cabinet approved the establishment of TGI in September 1992, Thai-German Institute started its official operation in 1995 until 1998 when the first training course began, from this point on until now TGI has maintained a continual growth.


A  leading  organization  for upgrading Target  Industry Productivity by enhancing Technology,

Innovation, Human Resources in Automation System and  Robotic,  including Machinery,

Mould & Die Industry to be capablefor competitiveness in  era of  Industry 4.0


  • To become  a government mechanism  to  drive  competitiveness  capability enhancement through  Automation System and Robotic  including Machinery, Mould & Die Technology.
  • ​To become a Change Agent for target industry development.
  • ​To be an Industrial Intelligent Unit for target industry development.
  • ​To be a Center of Excellence of Automation System and Robotic including Machinery, Mould & Die Technology.
  • ​To be a Development Center for Thai manufacturers to drift towards Industry 4.0

Shared Values

  • T = Teamwork
  • G = Good Governance
  • I = Innovation
  • S = Skills & Service Mind